Kansas City Clinical Dog Cancer Trial

This is a compassionate clinical dog cancer trial using a new anti-cancer drug that is injected directly into cancers. Candidates includes canines with mammary tumors and mast cell tumors. Participants can be from local areas such as, but not limited to, Kansas City, Columbia, Springfield, Wichita and St Louis, Missouri.

Locally invasive tumors are most often treated with surgery and radiation therapy. However, intratumoral delivery of chemotherapy drugs can achieve concentrations higher than would occur with intravenous or other routes of administration. Furthermore, the hyaluronan component of the drug allows it to be specifically taken up by certain cancer cell receptors. This trial will evaluate a novel formulation of the drug, Cisplatin which is known to be effective against a wide variety of tumors. The nanoparticle formulation allows for better distribution through the tumor, uptake by cancer cells, and lymphatic trafficking to provide some chemotherapy to nearby lymph nodes that might be targets for metastatic cancer.

Expected Duration of Participation:
Dogs may be treated every 3 weeks for 4 treatments. At each treatment, novel platinum chemotherapeutics will be injected intra- and peri-tumoral. At the first treatment, each dog will stay in the clinic for a minimum of 1 hours to allow a small blood sample to be collected. Ideally before enrolling, dogs will have already had chest radiographs and a standard blood test (complete blood count and clinical chemistry).

Please contact us at: dogs@hylapharm.com or call (785) 371-0147 for more information.

Pet Dog with Squamous Cell Cancer Between Nose and Mouth
Large ulcerated locally advanced squamous cell carcinoma: Complete response after treatment:
Seymour before seymour after